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Reach More Customers & Increase Your Sales Revenue

Let’s face it, every business needs a constant inflow of new business in order to remain competitive and sustain its business operations. Without proper planning and efficient strategic tools your business will struggle to keep afloat. ZOEWeb Digital offers excellent digital marketing products that are tailored to meet the sales demands of any business that requires a robust turnaround strategy and tools to turn around its business profitability status. With a great team of experts on our team, we are sure to deliver to you every service guarantee we have promised to you and help you turn around your sales revenue in a robust positive way.

Talking Numbers Vs Cost

Truth be told ,no one wants to spend their money on a digital marketing product and service that doesn’t yield the results which makes business sense? Business sense in digital marketing means that whatever amount of money you spend on any of our digital marketing service should make a return in value that is greater than what you’ve spent and be enough to grow and sustain your business needs aswell. Well ,we know that you have knowledge of all this but why raise it up? Our business model is designed in a way that if our clients are not happy we are also not happy because when you as our client don’t get the results you need to grow your business ,this directly affects our business as well and here is why?

No long term contracts-Exit at any time when we do not deliver

We understand the importance of consistent growth through sales revenue and our products have been specially designed to do just that. We don’t want to waste your time or money but we want to grow together with you, that’s why we won’t ask you to sign long term contracts on any of our services and products. We offer all our service on month to month service ,meaning that you decide to continue using our products as per month to month basis ,that said we also want you to understand the basic guides and how to measure success in your campaigns so that you are able to make informed performance analysis of our products or service. With us you always get what you bargained for and the fact that there are no long term contracts guarantees you one thing,…that is we will always be forced to deliver on our promises ,because if we don’t we simply loose business.

What we offer as a solution to leads and sales generation

We have a handful packed range of products and services that we offer to any business that want to explore new sales leads avenues through online digital marketing platforms. Our products are guaranteed to help do just that and here is what we offer for all businesses in South Africa. Our digital marketing range includes SEO packages with options for keyword organic SEO,local SEO, Consultative competitive SEO and when you contact us our expert will give you advise on the best SEO package that will be most suitable for your business, so don’t worry about choosing the wrong package as we will have you choose the package that will optimize your business goals and achieve them. We also have Pay per Click products where client advertise their service online and only get charged when potential client clicks to their website page, Social Media account management and ad campaigns,Coywritting packages to help you to neatly package your product/service content in a professional and goal driven manner. Link building packages for creating backlinks to you site (if SEO package is purchased there is need to buy backlink product as it is included in the all SEO packages) and CRO packages. Contact us today to start with your digital marketing products campaign(s) and see your business thrive .Checkout our products summary descriptions and choose the product you want to start with or you can contact us and let us know of your business goal and ask for recommendations from our team of experts. When you sign-up today we will sponsor you with one month free service ,meaning if you purchase a SEO product to start this month we will not charge you for the next month and from there you will continue with the month to month cost of the product that you have purchased from us.

Professional Digital Marketing Service

At ZOEWeb Digital we take every Digital Marketing  project seriously irrespective of business industry or business size.What matters most to us is the client satisfaction after we have delivered the final online marketing products to them.

Drive new clients to your website with SEO

SEO Explained

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so that it
appears on page 1 in the search engines (primarily Google) for the search phrases(keywords) that potential customers of a business like yours use when looking for businesses that offer products or services that they are looking for. e.g say peter who stays in Cape Town is looking for garden service company, he will browse the internet using his phone or computer and type in 'garden service in cape town" and click search. Immediately after inputting the phrase a list of businesses offering garden service in cape town will appear in a list  and this businesses who appear on the first page are there because they have invested in a SEO service.

In short ,when SEO is done correctly by professionals who know what they are doing, your business website will gain good rankings on first page of google and other search engines. Being on the first page means that more potential customers who are looking for a service or product like yours are most likely to visit your business website first before they may look somewhere else for the same products and services. This way you have more potential customers visiting your website and of course this result in more sales revenue and business growth.

Why choose Our SEO Packages

Success in SEO is achieved when the website being SEO’d is ranking well in Google for the
keywords/phrases being targeted in the campaign. This means at a minimum, most keywords
are on page 1 of Google.
○ We will provide you with monthly SEO Ranking reports
● Typically this will also mean an increase in organic (free), search driven traffic to your business website.
○ The results of your website traffic report  will be reported on with the monthly traffic reports generated from
Google Analytics (assuming access to Google Analytics has been given)
● We will also ensure that the client’s business is represented
strongly and professionally when people search for the business specifically
○ All entries related to your business brand are written professionally and correctly in order to represent your business key messages (this depends on your adherence to
appropriate quality checks)

We go the extra mile for our customers by:

We will give you a service guarantee that our SEO service will get you ranked on first page of google and our promise and service guarantee is that we will work on your SEO project for free until you are on page one of search engine at no cost to you.

We will get you up to 50% of your keywords on the first page of google.

We will offer you first month free SEO service when you decide to signup with us.Meaning when you signup this month and pay for one month we will top up your credit for the second month (giving you one month free SEO service).

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Professional Digital Marketing Service

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