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Steel cabinets & Lockers

Steel filincabinets and lockers

The William Office Furniture supplies top quality steel  cabinets and lockers as part of its office and industrial storage range. Our steel products collection include items like stationery cupboards, Filing cabinets and Lockers. Our steel products are of high quality and they are well known for bringing about tidiness in a working environment and community facilities such as factories, gym facilities ,training centers e.t.c.

Get organized with our durable and affordable storage steel cabinets. Whether you aim to store up your office supplies to make them more easily accessible or neatly display books, you’ll find the perfect storage steel cabinet for your needs at The William Office Furniture.

Our affordable range of steel filing cabinets is available in various features e.g 2, 3 or 4 drawer. Standard finishes include multiple choice of colours to choose from with custom colours available as an alternative option.

Our steel lockers and wardrobes are available in a number of combinations. Tailor made for change rooms, schools, colleges, factories, hospitality areas, hostels and staff rooms. Standard finishes.

Metal filing cabinets are important items in any workspace  or study at home. They are well known and recommended by many because they are secure, sturdy, spacious, and easy to use.

Steel cabinets are made  from steel and they come in different sizes. There is also a three-drawer cabinet which is suitable for home offices. These home filing cabinets are perfect for storing confidential information and documents.

We currently supply the following quality steel filing and storage products :

• Stationery cupboards

• Filing cabinets

• Lockers

• Divan beds

• Stacker beds

• Canteen units

• Folding tables

• Shelving

• Specialized steel products

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Office Chairs

Top Quality Office Chairs

Explore our top quality office chairs seating range that guarantees comfort in a working environment.When it comes to  seating arrangements in a working environment ,comfort and style are of great importance.We at The William Office Furniture Group understand the importance of quality when it comes to office chairs.Sitting for hours while working through a pile of work can be a real pain in the neck and back if the chair is not comfortable.

That’ why we have handpicked only the best quality seating chairs to meet your work space needs and bring in more than just comfort but also brighten your working environment with a flair of style.We have a wide range of seating products to choose from including executive ,managerial ,reception guests,conferencing,education facilities ,task and reception chairs.Our new fasttrack range is an answer to your convenience, with the fasttrack range delivery turnaround time is only 48 hours.

When we decided on our seating range we had in mind style and comfort,our work space chairs selection can blend with any working environment interior furniture and colors of surrounding walls.Most of our seating range comes in different colors and sizes to suit any office space requirements.

The following is important when considering to buy office chairs:

  • Adjust-ability
  • Good back support

Our seating products are adjustable and have good back support.In case you are not sure which seating range is most suitable for your working environment or you simply need something unique but comfortable that will blend easily with your office interior design ,our professional office furniture experts are always willing to provide you with advice and make the best possible recommendations to you on choices that are available.

With The William Office Furniture you are sure to have all your office seating problems solved,we have been in the business of furnishing business premises for years and our experience comes with the benefit of great office furniture advice and quality office furniture products  at an affordable price.

You don’t have to compromise your office image as with us,our office products are tailored to match your interior design standard ,no matter how big or small your working space.As an added benefit,when you buy office chairs from us we can also help you with the interior design and help you purchase other office furniture pieces that can complement your office space and we can also assist with installation whether be it in the boardroom space,reception,office cubicles or open plan office space we are more than able to take care of it for you .

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